What is this?

The Kolb Experiential Learning Profile (KELP) was created to help you understand your unique way of learning and to use insights to improve your learning power.

The report, based on the survey you complete, describes your learning strengths and will lead you through a process of applying them to learning in your everyday life.

Developed in 1971 by David A. Kolb, the KELP is based on a theory of learning from experience that draws on the work of learning and development scholars such as John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Carl Jung, Carl Rogers and William James.

The KELP can help employees or students understand how his or her learning style affects problem solving, teamwork, handling conflict, communication and career choice. The results can help teams find out why they work well together or encounter conflict. And it strengthens overall learning for people in all walks of life.

How It Works

The KELP is a self-administered assessment that you complete online. The inventory takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Once you submit your answers, you will receive an email with your detailed personal report, which includes:

  • tips for developing your learning power
  • solving problems
  • working in teams
  • resolve conflict
  • communicating at work and at home
  • learning in school
  • considering a career